Fundamentals Programme

By the time the children in the tennisolutions programmes are of the ages 3 & 4 they are receiving 30minutes a week of tots tennis at the local nursery and pre-school and the clubs. The levels of the children’s development is very basic in terms of ABC’s however you can clearly see the children have gain a good understanding and you often see a lot of natural hand-eye in front of you.


The children in the Nursery will have anywhere between 1 and 2 years of once a week tennis delivery in their programme of activities. Afternoon sessions have run for the last 8 years and in recent years we have been introduced running morning sessions that take place on a weekly basis which have been very successful.


Once the children move onto school they have 1 or 2 possible pathways to continue their participation and development as mini athletes.


 1) They are given the opportunity to join the club programme in Mini red and they receive 45minutes coaching indoors (September to April) with the coaches who they had at Nursery and the coaches who deliver Mini Tennis on a regular basis.


2) They will hopefully be given the chance to take part in either Curriculum tennis at school or after-school tennis (on site/club). They will experience both throughout each school year.


Our talent id process comes direct from working with the schools and also the clubs from where the coaching team operate. The talent id will be used continuously and I emphasis strongly the need to facilitate and offer the opportunities for further activity to develop more coordinated motor learning. This ultimately allowing the children to refine motor skill learning as they get older.


Once the children work in the clubs they are exposed to a variety of different session types to allow variety and continuity..


The need to increase game play understanding is important and should be included in a weekly programme of events at the clubs. This becomes a key part of their programme as the children develop and get older.