Childrens' Groups

Children can start playing tennis with us at 3yrs. Our programme is structured along the same lines as the LTA's mini tennis framework and we incorporate the LTA's mini tennis awards into our teaching, ensuring that the chidren have something to work towards and receive recognition when they have achieved.


All our coaches are LTA qualified, many with the highlest levels of qualification and many of them have competed at high levels of the sport themselves. It goes without saying that they are all DBS checked, first aid trained and fully insured.


For the groups where we teach younger children, we use younger coaches or tennis leaders as well as the coach who is leading the session. This means that we can provide an excellent child: coach ratio and we have also found that this younger member of teaching staff provides a very key and important role model for our younger children.


Every group has a player of the week award up for grabs, which is awarded at the end of the session and is a much prized accolade for all of our children.



Tots Tennis - 3 - 5 YRS

Children play on small courts with short rackets and soft balls. This gives them the opportunity to learn to play long rallies and play different types of shot.


They work towards their Mini Tennis Rally Awards through the development of their game in four key areas; rally, serve, coming in to the net and scoring and competing.

Orange Tennis - 8 - 9 YRS

Red Tennis - 5 - 8 YRS

The courts are slightly bigger than the red courts but smaller than full size and the players continue to play with softer balls and shorter rackets. This allows them to develop a rounded game whilst learning a range of competitive techniques and tactics.


Rally Awards continue to use; serve, rally, net and scoring with children working towards longer rallies with more complex play

This is a great way to introduce children to sport. We have worked with numerous nurseries over many years so are extremely experienced in teaching young children. We understand that the constant emphasis has to be on fun and encouragment. 


A multitude of games gently introduce the basics of tennis whilst hugely benifiting co-ordination, balance and hand-eye.

Green Tennis - 10 - 11 YRS

Play now takes place on full sized courts, with bigger rackets and balls that are just 25% softer than yellow balls. This is the final phase of junior tennis development.


The Rally Awards continue around the four premises, with youngsters building up to rallies of twenty or more and applying their arsenal of tactical strategies.

Junior Tennis - 11 YRS+

This programme is dynamic and very much geared around the players within the group at the time.


They all share a love of playing tennis. Some may be particularly interested in competitive play and others may see their tennis as more social. Coaches react to the players, to create a course that engages and encourages a continued love of tennis..

Performance Coaching

All our coaches are constantly looking out for talent and potential. Children who have been identified as showing promise and an aptitude for training may be invited to take part in a performance squad. This group of players will meet two or three times per week for a mixture of group and individual coaching and fitness.


This environment provides support of player development within a performance setting.