Advanced Programme

Our belief is that if children are exposed to coaching and match play together they will be more inclined to continue practice and development in both areas as they have always been integral key performance factors.


The development structure in the tennisolutions Academy tends to operate very smoothly and the work done in the schools and nursery groups is one of the key ingredients when adding the a new crop of children year on year. However the role of the Advanced programme is an education of player developement in a performance environment.


With passionate and enthusiastic coaches, the more successful the coaching groups become, the more the relationship between the player and coach will succeed. It is the job of the coach not only to enthuse the children but also work and educate the parental knowledge of what its all about.


At 6-7 years old children in some areas of the Academy programme will be involved in 2 sessions per week in advanced groups. Once children are 7-8 years old they become involved in more performance related coaching if they have been identified as having a good athletic development and show a good aptitude to the training. These players will be supported in a programme similar to below:


6-7 years old


1 x 45mins individual a week

2-3 x 1.25hrs squad sessions (1 to 4 ratio) per week

1 x 45 fitness per week


At 8-9 years old they will have the following in addition:


1 x 2 hr. match play session (no coaching)

1 x 45mins buddy hitting session with a junior player